Merit LILIN, established in Taiwan in 1980, is a leading manufacturer of video surveillance solutions. Their products, including hardware, software, and AI algorithms, are all designed and manufactured in their Taiwan headquarters. LILIN stands out in the industry for its commitment to innovation and compliance with NDAA and TAA regulations. With strong partnerships with key VMS and Home Automation Partners, LILIN ensures global coverage and support.

  • LILIN is National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliant. This means that U.S. Federal government facilities can use our surveillance solutions.
  • LILIN is Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant because our products are made in Taiwan which supports fair and open trade.
  • We are proudly Made in Taiwan since 1980. Our Research and Development in Taiwan is innovative and can curate a unique all in one solution kit for your needs.
  • We offer Home Automation integration with some of your favorite partners such as Control 4, Crestron, RTI, URC, and more.
  • We offer Advanced AI Technology such as license plate recognition, human & vehicle detection, virtual fence, and more.
  • Join our LILIN Dealership Program to get up to 5 years of warranty on cameras, NVRs, software, and more. For more details, please refer to our product warranty policy.

Lilin Integrators Partners

Lilin Partners
Lilin Partners


  • Retail

    LILIN offers high quality surveillance solutions nationawide for loss prevention and protection.

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  • Home Automation

    Pair LILIN Smart IP cameras with our home automation partners for an easy, accessible smart home.

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  • Residential

    Incentivize tenants to rent from your properties by providing a secure, safe neighborhood.

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  • Parking Garage

    LILIN AI Technology can guide drivers towards open parking spots and provide easy access for monthly parking pass holders.

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  • Car Dealer Center

    Protect your business using LILIN Smart IP cameras and AI Technology.

  • Smart City

    Regulate traffic flow efficiently with LILIN cameras & EDGE AIDA licenses such as license plate recognition car make, and more.

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  • Sport Game

    LILIN IP Box camera´s high frame playback assists sports umpire in making fair game play calls.

  • Stadium

    LILIN PTZ and 30x zoom bullet camera monitor the event and ensure the safety of all participants.

  • Car Wash

    LILIN EDGE AIDA AI Technology efficiently manages car wash traffic flow to elevate the customer experience.

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  • Cannabis

    From cultivating to dispensary, LILIN has got you covered with 24/7 continuous recording for 4 years.

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