Turn your Home or Business into Smart

Browse our several solutions and find out how you can Automate your House or Business using existing equipment & devices (smart & non-smart) or complementing them with new ones, gaining full control, enhancing your comfort, safety & security while optimizing your energy costs.

Bedroom with Smart Lighting


Automate your lights and electronic devices and control them from the easiness of your hand. You do not need to change your wall switches, bulbs, outlets or rewire your whole place to take advantage of Scenes Automation, Remote Control, Detailed Energy Consumption Metering and more. Start enjoying all these features, saving money now and in the future.

Tilt Blinds

Blinds, Covers & Shutters

Automate your existing roller shutters, blinds, curtains, sliding doors, awning, or similar bi-directional motors (or add them in case you do not have it yet). Control them from anywhere and take advantage of the highly customizable features of devices like Shelly and others for Smart Covers & Blinds control and set automation scenes for your Comfort and Efficient Energy. With automated shades, the average energy consumption for heating and cooling can be lowered. Combine with Smart Climate control solutions for best results.



Control and Automate your rooms climate (AC, Heating Radiators, Fans, Ventilation) by adding Smart Sensors, HVAC Controls, Relays and other devices. Monitor changes in Temperature & Humidity Levels to avoid dryness and mold growth being able to take automated actions to be more comfortable and keep a better breathable environment. Balance your consumption and save Money and Energy.

Safety and Security, Gas, Flood, Pools

Safety & Security

Enhance the Safety & Security of your loved ones by actionable alerts and automated actions based on Cameras, Sensors, and other devices. Detect risky situations in your outdoor or water/gas leakages promptly and take needed actions. Already have some devices? Add an extra layer, regarding Safety and Security, never is enough.

Access, garage gate, doorbell


Remotely control your door garage, doorbells, gates or many bi-directional motors from the comfort of your cell phone, tablet, button devices or Car. See how easy and affordable it can be ...

Smart Irrigation control


Automate Irrigation to save water, energy and help the planet! Add controls and/or sensors to measure Soil Humidity or set schedules based on Weather to activate or not your irrigation. Plus, control it from anywhere!

Home Electrical Appliances

Ensure the most efficientwork of your appliances

Many appliances, homes, and
buildings use more energy than they actually need, leading to energy waste. Smart Automation help reduce this waste and with it - the monthly energy bills. Monitor and control the power consumption of your electrical devices, use smart schedules or triggers to turn on/off power when its needed.