How can you increase workflow efficiency & protect your business?

LILIN provides a wonderful retail solution to increase your workflow efficiency with AI technology (such as people counting and queue detection), to prevent losses, and to protect your business using our versatile range of LILIN cameras.

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    LILIN offers a versatile range of cameras from VIVIDKNIGHT Full Color cameras to 7 Series Smart AI cameras to provide your business protection. VIVIDKNIGHT cameras show 24/7 full color making it easier to surveil during night time. 7 Series cameras with AI technology can set up detection zones to alert staff and prevent theft. Multi-sensor cameras provide 360 detection covering all angles for optimal protection.
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    7 Series cameras with EDGEFLOW can trigger events when people enter into prohibit zones. For example, a thief trying to enter through the back door or inventory rooms. NAV Client 5.0 can be used to filter through recordings on NAV server. Management then can use the information to report to law enforcement and ensure customer safety.
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    7 Series cameras with EDGECAP (People and Vehicle Counting) keep track of the number of people entering and exiting the facility. 7 Series cameras paired with EDGEFLOW (queue detection) shows when many customers are waiting in line for check out. This can be used to alert staff to send out more cashiers to increase workflow and efficiency.
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2. NAV 36CH Recorder | NAV2036A

3. Starvis 4K P-Iris Auto Focus IR AI Smart IP Camera | Z7R8182X3-P

4. 32 MP Multi-sensor Camera with Customized Configuration | PMH-MSR432MX3

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    1. VIVIDKNIGHT turret CAMERA| V1W4182AX

    VIVIDKNIGHT cameras provide 24/7 full color surveillance making it easy to surveil gated communities during the nighttime. Full color allows you to see color images in the dark and to identify distinguishing characteristics of intruders.
  • nav recorder

    2. NAV 36CH Recorder | NAV2036A

    Connect multiple LILIN cameras to the NAV recorder for live display, playback and recording. You can filter the NAV server recordings by using NAV Client 5.0 to search efficiently and easily.

    3. Starvis 4K P-Iris Auto Focus IR AI Smart IP Camera | Z7R8182X3-P

    LILIN smart IP cameras with EDGEFLOW AI license will alert management to increase staff on the floor when busy. This will improve checkout efficiency and elevate the customer experience. Cameras paired with an EDGECAP AI license count the number of customers coming in and out.
  • multiple camera

    4. 32 MP Multi-sensor Camera with Customized Configuration | PMH-MSR432MX3

    Multi-sensor cameras provide wider, customizable coverage for surveillance. There are 4 lenses within the multi-sensor camera that can be adjusted for your surveillance preference.


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