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Meet Nobi

As we age, a fall can change our lives dramatically. While quick help after a fall is crucial, avoiding a fall in the first place is even better. And that’s precisely what Nobi helps!

  • an older adult on the floor

    Fall prevention

    Nobi helps prevent disorientation with automatic lighting and the smart lamp supports a natural daily rhythm with circadian lighting.

  • an older adult on the floor being assisted by a person

    Quick help after a fall

    1 in 2 older adults who lie on the floor for longer than 1 hour die within 6 months of the fall. Quick help is a matter of life and death! With Nobi, care workers can offer help within 90 seconds..

  • bedroom with a nobi installed

    Stylish, smart technology

    Nobi combines optical care sensors and artificial intelligence in a stylish, life-saving lamp that fits seamlessly into any interior.

How it works

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    Live in safety without worries

    Nobi monitors 24/7 and alerts others whenever a fall occurs. Traditional fall-detection systems only capture 20% of falls because the device is forgotten or not worn (due to stigma); or due to inaccuracy.

  • a grandmother with her granddaughters in the living room, where nobi is installed

    Peace of mind for everyone

    70% of older adults fall at least once a year. Often, no one is there to provide immediate help. Nobi overcomes this by detecting falls immediately and alerting the right people.

  • a nurse helping a lady

    Partner of caregivers

    Nobi supports caregivers in their daily tasks and reduces their workload. The smart lamp with her user-friendly dashboard helps them provide even more personalized care

  • image from the boyfriend app, seeing a person on sticks to protect his privacy

    100% privacy protection

    Nobi analyzes all images locally and only forwards images in the event of a fall. The user decides how images are shared: not at all, partially recognizable, or fully recognizable.

  • hanging nobi lamp

    Nobi Pendant

    Nobi's attractive and timeless design for living rooms and bedrooms

    Available in desert and slate

  • nobi lamp to install on the ceiling

    Nobi Ceiling

    This Nobi lamp is mounted on the ceiling in living rooms and bedrooms.

    Available in desert and slate

  • Nobita lamp, the smallest version, ideal for bathroom and kitchen


    Nobi's little sister is sleekly designed and hangs in smaller rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom.

    Available in white

  • a living room with the nobi installed
  • a kitchen with the lamp installed

Nobi Features

  • an older adult standing next to the bed, with the dim light of nobi

    Preventive care

    Thanks to notifications when getting in and out of bed, caregivers can proactively help to avoid falls.

  • an older adult waking up in bed

    Sleep reports

    A sleep behavior overview contains crucial information for tailored care.

  • a person getting out of bed at night

    Fall prevention

    Lamp automatically turns on when getting in and out of bed.

  • an older adult on the floor and two people helping him

    Fall detection

    In care facilities, Nobi provides assistance within 90 seconds of a fall.

  • an older adult reading a book at sunset

    Circadian rhythm

    Light adjusts according to time of day, helping to maintain a natural daily rhythm.

  • The nobi lamp saying help is on the way

    Hands-free, two-way communication - Via the lamp

    A caregiver/trusted contact can reassure the resident and tell them help is on the way.

  • door

    Remote door unlocking - At home

    If they are not at the scene, a trusted contact can let first responders inside.

  • images of the app on a computer

    For residential care homes/hospitals

    A user-friendly dashboard that gives a 24/7 overview of all activity in all Nobi-equipped rooms, including a link to medical records.

  • images of the cell phone app

    At home

    User-friendly, intuitive app for trusted contacts.

Did you know Nobi’s smart lamps can be integrated with existing care solutions?

When healthcare technologies work together efficiently, more benefits for healthcare workers, residents and patients can be ensured. That's why at Nobi, we make it possible to link our smart lamps with your existing call systems, electronic patient records and digital medical records.

image from the boyfriend app, seeing a person on sticks to protect his privacy

100% privacy protection

Nobi's powerful Nvidia processor analyzes all images locally and deletes them if no fall incident occurs. In an emergency, Nobi will only contact the caregiver or trusted person designated by the user.

The user also decides how the images can be shared: not at all, partially, or fully visible. Unidentifiable stick figures are typically used to depict the situation. This enables emergency workers to quickly assess what help is needed.

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nobi installed on the ceiling of a living room

Nobi installation

Easy installation without additional wiring

Easily replace the existing ceiling lamp with a Nobi lamp

Only a stable Wi-Fi connection is required

​Can be linked with existing call systems

Nobi Awards

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