Custom Integrator: Take Your Projects to the Next Level with Shelly

Looking for ways to increase margins, reduce costs, and attract more customers? Incorporating Shelly products into your home automation projects offers you a comprehensive solution packed with advantages:

Increased profitability

Wide margins

Shelly products are recognized for their excellent quality-price ratio, allowing you to offer competitive solutions and obtain greater profits on your projects without compromising customer satisfaction.

Reduced installation cost

Their compact design and easy installation require less time and material, optimizing your resources and decreasing operating costs.

Shelly Pro 2PM

Low maintenance

The high reliability and quality of Shelly devices minimize service calls and costs associated with post-sales maintenance.

Attract new customers

Affordable solutions

With Shelly, you can offer affordable options to a wider audience, expanding your client portfolio.

Innovation at your fingertips

Integrate smart features such as remote control, consumption monitoring, and automation with scenarios, providing your customers with a superior smart home experience

Versatile compatibility

Shelly works with major control systems like Control4, Crestron, and URC, offering flexibility and adaptation to the needs of each project

Shelly: Your trusted partner in home automation

Lifetime Warranty

Now with lifetime warranty for professional integrators in the United States when buying from Digital Bay Tech

With Shelly, you not only improve the profitability of your projects and provide an exceptional experience to your customers, but you also enjoy the peace of mind of a lifetime warranty on Shelly products for professional integrators within the United States. Start integrating Shelly into your projects today and discover a world of unparalleled possibilities for your business and the comfort of your clients.

Boost your business with Shelly's smart technology!