Architects and Interior Designers

Discover the benefits of automating your designs

Add technology without compromising design

Enhance your projects with the power of Shelly's smart home technology, offering a unique benefit that seamlessly integrates intelligence without compromising your carefully crafted designs.

Shelly 1 MINI Gen 3

Seamless Design Integration and Automation

Experience the versatility of integrating Shelly devices into your architectural and design projects. Easily convert non-smart devices into smart components while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your design. Discover the freedom of automating multiple functions without the hassle of rewiring. With Shelly, technology merges perfectly with aesthetics, offering simple and efficient solutions for a modern and connected lifestyle.

Shelly BLU Door Window

High Security

Improve home security with features like remote
access, motion sensors, and door and window sensors.

Optimized Comfort

Give homeowners control over their spaces around the world, including lighting, thermostat settings, and security system management.

Optimized Energy Efficiency

Measure and reduce energy consumption by automating lighting and thermostat settings based on occupancy and environmental conditions.

Personalized experiences

Create unique experiences for homeowners using smart home technology, shaping distinctive lighting scenarios, automating activities through personalized routines, and managing shading automation for complete and convenient control of the home environment.

Start taking advantage of the benefits this technology can bring to you and your customers. Partner with us to seamlessly integrate smart home services into your next projects without compromising your design vision. From home automation to advanced security and energy efficiency, we're here to help you take your projects to the next level, delivering innovative, connected experiences that will improve your customers' lives.

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