Appliances Monitoring and Control

Make any appliances Smart

Monitor and control your appliances the smart way

a regular plug inlet with a shelly attached

  • Fits behind any socket
  • Automate your sockets and measure the power of any connected appliance
  • Obtain precise measurements of electrical consumption
  • Can switch appliances on/off remotely
Shelly pro4

  • Shelly's professional line helps reduce energy waste, which is reflected in the monthly bill
  • Install Shelly Pro 4PM inside the breaker box and monitor and control the power consumption of your electrical devices
  • Set Shelly Pro 4PM to turn off power to electrical appliances not in use after business hours
a person repairing a refrigerator

  • When an electrical appliance breaks down, it doesn't just stop working. It usually increases the amount of power used in an attempt to compensate for its operational capacity
  • If there is an increase in energy consumption, Shelly will promptly notify you, which can help prevent additional costs for equipment repairs or replacement.
standing fan in a room

  • Make your fan smart by connecting it to Shelly Plus Plug US
  • Create a scene with Shelly H&T Gen3 and have the fan turn on once the sensor detects high temperature
  • Plus you will always know how much energy you are consuming
washing machines and dryers with a flood

  • Prevention of equipment damage, using the Shelly Flood sensor
  • Place Shelly Flood near your appliances, such as dryers, refrigerators, or washing machines
  • If it detects a leak, it will immediately activate Shelly Plus 1PM to cut the power supply to the socket, avoiding possible threats

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